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How do I behave on a first date?

The golden rule is that you must be yourself!

If you’re not happy about yourself then you’ll have to change, before you go on your first date.

For example, if you need to lose weight, do this before you start dating, and ensure you keep it up FOREVER!

If you go on a date pretending to be someone else you will be found out & you could miss out on the relationship of your dreams.

Look hard at yourself & make some changes, it’s NEVER too late.

Why Chorlton Dating?

With Chorlton Dating your picture or information won’t be released online. If we do find you a date they will be serious about finding a relationship. If we don’t find you a date you don’t need to pay anything. Fill in an application form today. Continue Reading

No dates yet!

Chorlton Dating is open but we aren’t arranging dates YET. Please fill in the online application form & help us to help you find your perfect partner. Please don’t apply if you’re only interested in quick fixes & short term relationships. Continue Reading

Is Chorlton Dating still open?

Yes. Due to the pandemic we are not arranging dates, but we do aim to increase our data base. Despite our website explaining clearly that we only offer serious dates, we are still receiving applications from customers expecting a quick fix! If only matters of the heart was so easy! We are not offering quick… Continue Reading

New Relationships!

If you are looking for serious relationship & have missed the chance to date during the lockdown then now is your time. So many people are in your boat. If you are tired of fast dating apps & shallow pointless dates then Chorlton Dating might be for you. Chorlton Dating only take on clients who… Continue Reading

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